Fish & Wildlife Stocking


Now that winter is coming to a close, it is important to consider its effects on our aquatic systems. The snow and ice brought by winter correlates with a lack of dissolved oxygen in ponds. A lack of dissolved oxygen is the most common cause of winter fish kills. In ponds covered by snow and ice, no oxygen is brought into the water column through surface to air mixing and no photosynthesis, which releases dissolved oxygen, is able to occur. Maintaining an appropriate level of dissolved oxygen is critical to sustaining desirable levels of fish and aquatic wildlife.

AEM Inc. works with local fish hatcheries to stock fish and wildlife. Fish stocking began in approximately 1871 with the goal of increasing food and sport fish throughout the nation. In its infancy, fish stocking was not as ecologically informed. However, fish stocking is now used to help create, maintain or restore ecologically sound aquatic systems. In local ponds, fish stocking helps create a healthier aquatic system throughout the summer. Restocking of fish and wildlife also promotes fishing, increasing the recreational attractiveness of an aquatic system.

Ponds vary considerably in their fish and wildlife stocking needs. AEM Inc. will determine such factors as pond depth and size, water chemistry, existing fish populations and sediment loading. With these factors in hand, AEM Inc. will determine the most appropriate fish and wildlife population to provide optimum ecological balance and recreation, if that is desired.

AEM Inc. recommends stocking takes place during the month of April for the best acclimation possible. Get in touch with us today to schedule your fish & wildlife stocking quote.

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