Algae Management


Nuisance algae growth is often the most common problem affecting aquatic environments in northeastern Illinois

 Carp Management

In northeastern Illinois the presence of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) can extensively damagean aquatic environment. Carp are an extremely tolerant species and can easily displace native species once introduced into a system.

AEM Carp Management Fact Sheet


 Total Dissolved Solids

AEM Total Dissolved Solids Fact Sheet


 Shoreline Planting

AEM Shoreline Planting Fact Sheet


 Pond Owners

AEM Pond Owners Fact Sheet



AEM Homeowner Fact Sheet


 Aquatic Plant Management

Aquatic plants are essential contributors to properly functioning aquatic ecosystems. However, with the introduction of invasive species, and nutrient rich conditions commonly found in lakes today, aquatic plants can grow to nuisance levels requiring professional management.

AEM Plant Management Fact Sheet


 Geese Management Fact Sheet

AEM Geese Management Fact Sheet



AEM Dredging Fact Sheet


 Causes of Fish Kills

AEM Causes of Fish Kills Fact Sheet


 Aquatic Ecosystem Survey

AEM Aquatic Ecosystems Survey Fact Sheet



AquaMaster Fountain and Aeration

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